Stan’s NoTubes Tire Sealant


Brand: Stan’s,
The solution tire sealant from NoTubes prevents annoying breakdowns and reliably seals tubeless tires.
It can be used with tubular tires and with hoses and seals holes with a size of up to 0.6mm!
  • 59ml
  • 473ml
  • 946ml

Features – Tire Sealant

  • The finest crystals allow a hole of up to 6mm to be immediately and permanently sealed
  • 2 oz (59ml) Measuring cup for a bicycle tire
  • Durability of the sealant in the tire is 2-7 months
  • Effect of the sealant at up to -30°C
  • Natural materials, safe for the environment

Content (choose variant)

  • 59 ml
  • 473 ml
  • 946 ml

59ml, 473ml, 946ml