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“Model Frame Size Size as mounted on the bike

VX2 48-53 cm 400-450 mm”

The SKS VX frame pump is a traditional long frame fitting pump. It comes in a number of sizes to fit different frames – make sure you choose the right length for your frame. If in doubt please look at additional images where the lengths are explained. Long pumps like these allow you reach high pressures far more quickly and with less effort than short pumps. Tyres pumped up to their rated pressures last longer and are less prone to punctures than underinflated tyres. This pump is light in weight an inexpensive. Ideal for use during a trip. For home use we recommend a track pump.

According to the manufacturer, this pump can reach pressures of up to 8 bar / 115 psi.


The sizes given in the options are not the actual pump length but the frame sizes to which you can expect a pump to fit when mounted parallel with the seat tube. If you wish to mount the pump on a bicycle with pump brackets then you will need the length of the slightly compressed pump as mounted on the bike. These lengths are shown in the table below:

Model Frame Size Size as mounted on the bike
VX1 42-47 cm 345-395 mm
VX2 48-53 cm 400-450 mm
VX3 54-58 cm 455-505 mm
VX4 59-64 cm 510-560 mm
VX5 65-69 cm 565-615 mm
Note: The duohead works only when pointing upwards. This is not a problem with most bicycles, but is a problem with such machines as velomobiles with enclosed wheels.