SIX2 OSG Black


Brand: SIX2,
Osmo Release Tech®
Fabric capable of absorbing,retaining and releasing carnosineonto the skin.
Carbon Underwear®
Breathability andthermoregulation withoutcompromise.
Perfect for allseasons of the year.
  • Μαύρο
  • Medium (M)
  • Large (L)
SIX2 OSG Black full leg osmo release tech
Osmotic leggings with OSMO Release Tech inserts. The special purpose ofthis garment is to delay the onset of cramps, stiffening of the muscles andlactic acid during a sports activity . All this is made possible by the activeingredient carnosine, which the body takes in through the skin.The special Osmo Release Tech® fabric is able to absorb the carnosine gel,retain it and release it gradually when it comes into contact with the skin(becoming activated by body heat and friction).The product has to be “recharged” after every use by following the simpleinstructions provided inside the package. It is already “charged” and readyto be worn at the time of purchase. The package contains one rechargepacket.



Medium (M), Large (L)