Shimano SLX M7100 Cassette 12-speed CS-M7100 10-45 teeth


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SHIMANO SLX cassette 12-speed CS-M7100 | 10-45 teeth

Shimano follows suit and also relies on a 12-speed drive for the SLX M7100 group. In contrast to the competition, the Japanese give the biker the choice whether he prefers a maximum bandwidth (10-51 teeth) or a more narrowly graded cassette with lower cadence jumps when shifting (10-45 teeth). The latter should especially accommodate XC and marathon racers, who can conserve their strength when pedaling in the optimal frequency range.

Soft and precise shifting has always been a trademark of Shimano cassettes. With the Hyperglide cassettes of the last generations, the sprockets were placed in such a way that the chain runs extremely smoothly and with little vibration, especially when shifting to a larger sprocket. Shimano introduces Hyperglide + with the SLX M7100 cassette. Thanks to this technology, the gear changes now run just as smoothly when shifting into a heavier gear and are 1/3 faster compared to the CS-M7000 cassette.

When designing the cassette, Shimano relies on a material mix of steel and aluminum for the pinions. While the ten small sprockets with the lowest chain wrap and highest load are made of steel, the two large sprockets are made of aluminum. This load-dependent use of material leads to even wear of the cassette and also extends the life of the chain. The cassette is held together by an aluminum spider.

Technical specifications:

Material 1 large sprocket: aluminum
Material 11 small sprockets: steel
Technology: Hyperglide +, Micro Spline
Switching stages: 12
Gradation: 10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32-36-40-45
Translation bandwidth: 450%
Compatibility freewheel: Shimano Micro Spline 12-speed
Drive compatibility: Shimano 12-speed drives
Color: blue / gray

Weight according to the manufacturer: 513g
Weight weighed: 517g