Saddlebag Zéfal


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Brand: M-Wave,
Saddlebag Zéfal Iron Pack M DS black / red
The Zéfal Iron Pack M DS saddle bag is aerodynamic with a stable housing to protect all important things. With a wide opening that makes it easier to insert objects, the Iron Pack M-DS has a Velcro fastening system. An inner rubber band ensures the stability of the content.

– Material: Highly resistant 840D fabric and EVA rigid housing / reflective logo
– Weight: 95 g
– Capacity: 0.6 L / 34 ci
– Reinforcement: Velcro for attachment to the seat post
– Dimensions: M – 150 x 70 x 70 mm
– Fastening: DS: Double strap
– Closure: Tight closure
– Weather and moisture resistant