M-Wave Smartphone Bike Case


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Brand: Mavic,
Fits all iPhones/smartphones
Water Resistant
Transparent window which allows you to control the device
Rotating Quick Release Bracket
With a drawstring and belt loop

The M-Wave Smartphone bag allows you to operate your device through a transparent window. With shock absorbing pads, water resistant shell, and a rotating quick release bracket, this case is ideal for those of us who can’t go anywhere without our phones.

With the M-Wave line of Bags, you will find the right bag for the right price. Our line includes frame, handlebar, wheel set, saddle, mobile phone accessories, trunk and pannier bags.

Waterproof Handlebar Phone Case M-Wave
The Waterproof Handlebar Phone Case M-Wave is a practical waterproof phone case. Aside from soft padding, this case features a large transparent screen which allows you to operate your phone while riding. It is compatible with all iPhones and regular Smartphones.

Technical description:

Large transparent screen allows for phone operation
Soft padding absorbs shocks
Compatible with all iPhones and Smartphones up do display size 4.5″
Dimensions: 12.5 x 7 x 2cm
Comes with rotating clip with 22-40cm diameter