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While the colors can be the most striking aspect of our extension brake hoods, ergonomics and comfort will be your favorites.

Hüdz’s unique hood combines shape and materials to reduce hand, arm, shoulder and neck fatigue even more comfortably and comfortably.

Feel the difference: grab the Hüdz!

Vibration damping material: Proprietary mixtures of Hüdz provide better shock absorption and surface traction than OEM products.
Improved ergonomics: Each application is designed to better match your hands for a more comfortable ride.
Better control: Hüdz’s proprietary mixtures offer exceptional stickiness even when wet, while the improved shape offers more grip with less effort.
Compatibility: for use with 10-speed SRAM double tap road component systems, including rivals, power and red. Also compatible with SRAM 900 & 500 brake levers.
Installation instructions :

Road.CC Rating: 5/5 stars. 8/10.…hudz-enhancement-brake-hoods