DeFeet Slipstream


Brand: DeFeet,
size (42-48)

DeFeet wanted to create a more elegant solution than the sock-over-shoe method of keeping your cycle shoes clean. These Slipstream shoe covers are protective of your shoes and aerodynamic. Featuring reflective detailing on rear.

“All the benefits of a DeFeet Slipstream shoe covers with added reflective chevrons at the rear. Designed to stretch with the fabric, this reflective will not crack or peel off.

As recently as the late 1980’s, professional road cyclists would wear a pair of socks over their shoes while racing and training. If asked why they did this, they would answer “”It’s warmer, more aerodynamic, keeps my shoes cleaner and looks better””. Of course, one could argue that putting cotton socks over cycling shoes makes none of those possible. DeFeet crafted a solution that actually keeps windchill off the feet, creates smoother lines, keeps dirt out, looks better, and ultimately makes riders faster. Slipstream’s™ also last much longer than a pair of socks while barely costing more. Pay homage to the classic era of cycling, wear Slipstreams™ and go faster.”